It’s time for
a world without waste —

The Refacture system unlocks the potential of waste to create a global zero-waste economy.

The world produces:


tonnes of waste per year…

…enough to fill…


garbage trucks every second.

That’s enough garbage trucks to stretch to Mars…

01234567890.01234567890 times

If instead…

we recover & remanufacture waste

into valuable products…

We could:

Increase Global GDP by $4.6 Trillion —

Through manufacturing commercial products and industrial chemicals

Decrease GHG’s by 105B tonnes/yr —

Decrease total greenhouse gas emissions by 105 billion tonnes/yr.

Free up over 11M acres of land —

A territory larger than Switzerland currently dedicated to landfills.

Stimulate economic growth —

From renewed resources, increased manufacturing, and new sustainable jobs.


Through Refacturing…

There is 100 times more gold in a tonne of mobile phones than in a tonne of gold ore.

— World Economic Forum

A New Circular Vision for Electronics: Time for a Global Reboot

Refacturing is…

Resource Recovery + Manufacturing

About Us

We are a resource recovery company focused on advancing zero-waste technologies. Our facilities assemble the world’s leading waste processing and manufacturing technologies under one roof.

Our mission is to refacture as close to 100% as possible of the molecules contained in whatever waste materials processed. We’ve assembled a passionate team of experts to accomplish our mission of solving the waste problem.

We live in a world where waste is worth more transported than sorted, incinerated than recovered, traded than re-manufactured.

How bad is the waste problem?