The $1.7 Trillion
manufacturing market

In 2018, the demand of the following construction products exceeded $1.7 Trillion.

  • Ceramic tile — $697 Billion
  • Non-ferrous metals — $539 Billion
  • Construction products  — $413 Billion
  • Industrial gases — $123 Billion

Waste is a source of
exponential economic growth…

— Rock wool insulation produced from waste

Using waste to grow the economy

The adoption of more stringent building codes has increased demand for sustainable building materials and practices. USGBC’s “LEED” certification is the global standard leading this drive.

The commercial products manufactured at a Refacture facility will help architects and developers achieve *LEED accreditation for their buildings and yield greater returns for their projects.

No emissions, just products

Industrial gases

Synthesis gas is largely comprised of CO and H2. Refacture’s decision on which industrial gas to manufacture will be based on specific market demand and relevant waste composition modelling, ensuring optimum returns.


Hydrogen —

Refacture’s green hydrogen (H2) is 5 times cheaper than conventional green H2.

Green, industrial grade

Carbon Dioxide —

A very valuable industrial gas, deemed green when derived from non fossil fuel sources.

Other renewably-sourced

Industrial gases —

Ability to isolate other industrial gases from synthesis gas.

Construction products

Due to the high concentration of inorganic content in mixed waste streams, copious volumes of high-quality commercial construction products can be competitively manufactured.

High R-Value

Insulation —

Inorganic materials recovered can be used to produce insulation comparable to mineral wool.


Ceramic Tile —

Specific combination of constituents can produce 100% recycled ceramic tile.


Glass —

As slag is largely comprised of silica, the process can yield high-quality glass products.


Unlike waste-to-energy operations, chemical manufacturing is not dependent on the BTU value of syngas.


Sulfur —

A byproduct of the syngas cleaning process, Sulfur has many commercial uses.


Calcium carbonate —

Suitable building material and an essential component of Portland cement.

Other chemicals —

Graphene, ammonia, fertilizer, and other.

Other products —

  • Aggregate
  • Alloys
  • Alumina
  • Cement
  • Compost & soil amendment
  • Ferrous nodules
  • Fertilizer
  • Methane
  • Recovered metals
  • Purified metals