Passionate about
sustainability & innovation.

With a rapidly changing climate, a team of experts have assembled to meet the challenges of the growing waste problem.

Executive Team

Comprised of seasoned professionals with experience across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the US. Under the guidance of the Technical Advisory Board, the executive team is strongly positioned to develop innovative waste management and manufacturing projects.

Founder, Managing Director

Nick Narsavidze —

Mr. Narsavidze founded two companies that developed environmentally-sustainable textile manufacturing processes. As former Head of R&D at U.S. Science & Technology, Nick used his business development expertise and intimate knowledge of product design to identify profitable manufacturing opportunities from byproducts of the plasma gasification process. He would ultimately develop business models to outperform traditional waste management and waste-to-energy systems which serves as the basis of waste-to-manufacturing.

Chief Financial Officer

Per Kristian Knutsen —

Mr. Knutsen has a formidable background both on an operational and a managerial level. He currently serves as an Executive in Resident at Startup Lab in Bergen, Norway. Prior to that he served as a CFO for a special purpose company in the field of military logistics. Per Kristian has a masters degree (siviløkonom) in economics from NHH, Norwegian School of Economics.

Chief Engineer

James Santoianni —

Mr. Santoianni, is a plasma gasification expert with comprehensive experience in thermal process engineering. James was awarded 9 patents in the areas of plasma gasification, syngas generation, and alternatives to metallurgical coke. He also created simulation tools for heat & material balances, refractory design & vessel sizing for projects utilizing biomass, MSW, and other waste feeds. He is currently operating in a consulting capacity at Refacture. James has a Bachelor of Engineering with a Concentration in Mechanical Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified.

Chief Development Consultant

Nadeem Hussain —

Having practiced as a litigation lawyer, Mr. Hussain has a strong background in UK law. Over the last twenty years, he has also excelled in business and held numerous senior management roles in a variety of sectors ranging from energy to technology to investments. As Chief Development Officer, Nadeem brings strong commercial leadership experience and an outstanding record of building and executing growth strategies in both start up and large enterprise environments. He is a graduate of Liverpool University with a Bachelor of Law.

Commercial Manager, Norway

Ådne Tveit —

With over 30 years of professional experience, Mr. Tveit possesses a unique combination of engineering, entrepreneurial, internationalization, and business skills. He has held a number of commercial and managerial positions in the computer and software industry including positions at IBM and Oracle. He has since founded his own business focusing on digitalization of business processes. Mr. Tveit holds a M. Sci. (sivilingeniør) degree from Ohio State University.

Technical Advisory Board

Refacture’s board is comprised of the world’s leading scientists and engineers in the fields of plasma technology, civil engineering, gasification technology, waste management, and bioinformatics.

Chief Scientist

Louis J. Circeo, Ph.D., PE —

Dr. Louis J. Circeo is known as the world’s leading expert on plasma gasification and has been involved with its research since its formation in 1971. In 1990, he established the plasma applications research program at Georgia Tech. The program was directed toward engineering and environmental applications of plasma arc technology for the treatment and energy recovery of municipal and hazardous/toxic wastes. Dr. Circeo is a registered professional engineer, he holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with Nuclear Engineering Minors from Iowa State University.

Chief Chemical Engineer

Gary C. Young, Ph.D., PE —

Dr. Gary Young has over 50+ years of experience in R&D, design, construction and operations in areas of coal gasification, biomass gasification, waste gasification, Carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion to fuels/energy, gas processing, food processing, pharmaceutical processing, agricultural and industrial processing, and enhanced energy recovery. Dr. Young is a published author and holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska and is a licensed professional engineer in California, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Chief Biochemist

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. —

Dr. Biswarup Mukhopadhyay is a professor of the Virginia Tech Bioinformatics Institute. With over 2,438 citations, Biswarup is one of the leading researchers in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology engineering, bioinformatics, and bioenergy production. Biswarup is in discussions with the team to establish a technology for microbial electricity generation with key enzymes already identified. He has a Ph.D., in microbiology from the University of Iowa, a B. Tech in Biochemical Engineering from Jadavpur University, and an honorary B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta.