The future
zero-waste economy

Refacture will modernize manufacturing and waste management sectors with data-driven technologies.

In the future:

Machine learning & A.I. —

AI will drive waste treatment from waste composition recognition to production scheduling. Each element will help close the sustainability loop.

Smart bins —

Smart bins will scan the composition of waste. They will come in all forms and sizes including Smart Chutes for multi-unit buildings.

Waste coin —

Waste will become a currency because subscribers will receive credit for it in the form of “Waste Coin.” The currency will be used for purchases or utility bills, for example.

Zero-waste products —

Products made by the Refacture process will be discounted when purchased with Waste Coin. As a result, it will encourage closing the loop.

100% recovery —

Resources recovered from waste will be cheaper for Manufacturers than mined materials.

Landfill mining —

Mining raw materials will be more expensive than mining landfills.

Smart EV collection fleets —

Garbage trucks will be electric and partially automated. Trucks will use drones for identifying illegal dump sites. Above all, pilots can use collection drones to collect illegally dumped waste.